BY:  Tony Steele, Photos Credit: Ben Thrasher

RJ Johnson completed a clean sweep of the 3rd Annual Steve Stroud Memorial in the ASCS Desert Sprint Cars, setting quick time in single car qualifying before earning victories in both his heat race and main event. Cody Center once again found his way to victory lane in the Allscapes IMCA Stock Cars while Joe Vlasity earned the win in the Desert Restorations IMCA Hobby Stocks. The points season kicked off for the IMCA Sport Compacts with Robert Cody earning the first win of the year while Mason Keefer grabbed the early points lead in the Arizona Micro Sprints.

RJ Johnson started off the rare daytime sprint car show earning quick time in single car qualifying with a fast 14.269, besting Landon Cling (14.331) and Kyle Shipley (14.388). Starting fourth in his heat race Johnson would then march to the front, earning the victory and setting up a pole position start in the feature. It would be more of the same as the 25 lap feature event kicked off, with Johnson leading the way from green to checker. Kyle Shipley would cap off a solid day in the runner up spot with Sterling Cling, Aaron Jones and Joe Scheopner rounding out the top five. With Zachary Madrid’s absence, Aaron Jones would claim the early season point lead after the second round of the series. Johnson and Dennis Gile were both heat race winners.

Cody Center continues his stellar start to the season in the Allscapes Stock Cars after earning two wins in the first three races of the season. After grabbing the heat race win earlier in the day, Center would fire off the main event from the outside of the front row. George Fronsman paced the field early leading the first six laps before giving way to Center. Once in the lead, Center wouldn’t look back – leading the final fourteen circuits around the speedway. Lonnie Foss and JC Parmeley would round out the top three in the feature event. Two more non-point shows lay ahead at the CSP Meltdown before the points season begins on March 2nd at the CSP Howler.

Sweeps were the story of the weekend in all five divisions, including the Desert Restorations Hobby Stocks. Joe Vlasity showed off his speed again after he was the only driver to stop Adam Goff from reaching victory lane over the last two weeks during Winter Challenge action. Vlasity would earn heat race honors before leading the Hobby Stock feature from the drop of the green flag. Nathan DeRogan continues to show he will soon find his way to the winners circle with another solid run, finishing in the runner up spot. Joe Peterson would round out the top three.

The second season for the IMCA Sport Compacts would kick off with a new face in victory lane. Robert Cody would complete what would be another sweep on the day. Cody would take the heat race win early in the day before leading all fifteen laps of the feature event from the second starting spot. Jackie Parmeley raced into the runner up spot with pole sitter John Barron finishing in third. Cody will leave the weekend as the initial points leader for the Sport Compacts.

Saturday’s action would also see the start of the Arizona Micro Sprints points season with Paul Martin looking to defend his 2018 crown. Colton Hardy, pulling double duty on the day would win one of the two heat races while Mason Keefer took the other heat race. Eric Kelly would kick off the feature event on the short track at Canyon from the pole position, leading the first ten laps of the twenty lap main. Keefer, starting in the fourth spot would finally work his way into the lead on lap eleven. Keefer would complete the final sweep of the day as he took the checkered flag ahead of AJ Hernandez and Brandon Sutton.

Next up at CSP on February 13th will be the Arizona Modified Tour/Desert Classic featuring the Arizona Differential IMCA Modifieds and Flexi Flyer/Askrens Trucking IMCA Sport Mods. Gates will open at 4pm and Racing is set to start at 6:30pm. An Open Practice for Modifieds and Sport Mods only is scheduled for February 12th (6:30pm Start – $25 Adult Pit Passes – Ages 11 & Under Free – Grandstand Admission Free).

Admission prices for the Arizona Modified Tour/Desert Classic are just $20 for Adults. Seniors (60+) & Military are $15 and Children 11 & Under are Free! All Access Pit Passes can be purchased for $35 for adults, while Ages 7-11 are $20 and 6 years & under are free. All minors under the age of 18 must have a 2019 Minor Release Form filled out and notarized prior to entry into the pits. The form can be found on the front page of our website.

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Saturday 2-9-19 Results

Desert Restorations IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 68V-Joe Vlasity[2] ; 2. 85-Joe Peterson[1] ; 3. 19-Nathan DeRagon[3] ; 4. 51-Kyle Cardinal[4]

A-Main (20 Laps) 1. 68V-Joe Vlasity[2] ; 2. 19-Nathan DeRagon[3] ; 3. 85-Joe Peterson[1] ; 4. 51-Kyle Cardinal[4]
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-20 Vlasity
HARD CHARGER: Joe Vlasity (2nd to 1st)

ASCS Desert Sprint Cars

Qualifying: 1. 34AZ-R.J. Johnson, 14.269[12]; 2. 34C-Landon Cling, 14.331[13]; 3. 0G-Kyle Shipley, 14.388[9]; 4. 22G-Aaron Jones, 14.400[3]; 5. 17-Joe Scheopner, 14.429[8]; 6. 2-Joshua Shipley, 14.480[2]; 7. 3-Tye Mihocko, 14.533[6]; 8. 4T-Dennis Gile, 14.628[15]; 9. 66-Colton Maroney, 14.687[11]; 10. 22AZ-Colton Hardy, 14.816[10]; 11. 21-Daylin Perreira, 14.943[14]; 12. 76-Jesse Stonecipher, 15.073[5]; 13. 25-Mike Waddle, 15.110[7]; 14. 67-Jim Maroney, 15.770[4]; 15. 51-Ronald Webster, 15.880[1]; 16. 25AZ-Rick Shuman, 16.140[16]; 17. 1AZ-Bruce St. James, NT; 18. 29X-Dustin Cormany, NT; 19. 45-Austin Kuehl, NT; 20. 88-Philip Deeney, NT;

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 34az-RJ Johnson[4] ; 2. 3-Tye Mihocko[1] ; 3. 17-Joe Scheopner[2] ; 4. 66-Colton Maroney[5] ; 5. 0G-Kyle Shipley[3] ; 6. 51-Ronald Webster[8] ; 7. 25-Mike Waddle[7] ; 8. 21-Daylin Perreira[6]

Heat 2 (8 Laps) 1. 4T-Dennis Gile[1] ; 2. 34C-Sterling Cling[4] ; 3. 2-Josh Shipley[2] ; 4. 76-Jesse Stonecipher[6] ; 5. 22G-Aaron Jones[3] ; 6. 67-Jim Maroney[7] ; 7. 25AZ-Rick Shuman[8] ; 8. 22AZ-Colton Hardy[5]

A-Main (25 Laps) 1. 34az-RJ Johnson[1] ; 2. 0G-Kyle Shipley[9] ; 3. 34C-Sterling Cling[2] ; 4. 22G-Aaron Jones[10] ; 5. 17-Joe Scheopner[5] ; 6. 2-Josh Shipley[6] ; 7. 22AZ-Colton Hardy[16] ; 8. 51-Ronald Webster[11] ; 9. 76-Jesse Stonecipher[8] ; 10. 25AZ-Rick Shuman[14] ; 11. 4T-Dennis Gile[3] ; 12. 25-Mike Waddle[13] ; 13. 21-Daylin Perreira[15] ; 14. 66-Colton Maroney[7] ; 15. 67-Jim Maroney[12] ; 16. 3-Tye Mihocko[4]

Scratched before heat races: 29X-Dustin Cormany ; 88 – Phillip Deeney; 45K – Austin Kuehl; 1AZ – Bruce St James.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-25 Johnson
HARD CHARGER: Colton Hardy (16th to 7th)


Allscapes IMCA Stock Cars

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. $-Cody Center[2] ; 2. 41-George Fronsman[3] ; 3. 88-Lonnie Foss[4] ; 4. 84-Mike Goodwin[5] ; 5. 97-J.C. Parmeley[1]

A-Main (20 Laps) 1. $-Cody Center[2] ; 2. 88-Lonnie Foss[3] ; 3. 97-J.C. Parmeley[5] ; 4. 84-Mike Goodwin[4] ; 5. 41-George Fronsman[1]
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-6 Fronsman, Laps 7-20 Center
HARD CHARGER: JC Parmeley (5th to 3rd)


IMCA Sport Compacts

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 34-Robert Cody[3] ; 2. 26-John Barron[4] ; 3. 72-Jackie Parmeley[1] ; 4. 16-Effrin Lefever[2]

A-Main (25 Laps) 1. 34-Robert Cody[2] ; 2. 72-Jackie Parmeley[3] ; 3. 26-John Barron[1] ; 4. 16-Effrin Lefever[4]
HARD CHARGER: Robert Cody (2nd to 1st)


Arizona Micro Sprints

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 41-Colton Hardy[3] ; 2. 21jr-Eric Kelly[2] ; 3. 7kk-Kevin Keefer[5] ; 4. 92B-Eric Bartlett[6] ; 5. 52-Cameron La Rose[1] ; 6. 1AZ-Paul Martin[4]

Heat 2 (8 Laps) 1. 7-Mason Keefer[2] ; 2. 21S-Brandon Sutton[4] ; 3. 72-AJ Hernandez[5] ; 4. 07-Keelan Matthews[3] ; 5. 7k-Dennis Carrier[6] ; 6. 28-Mark Morin[1]

A-Main (20 Laps) 1. 7-Mason Keefer[4] ; 2. 72-AJ Hernandez[2] ; 3. 21S-Brandon Sutton[5] ; 4. 21jr-Eric Kelly[1] ; 5. 92B-Eric Bartlett[7] ; 6. 7kk-Kevin Keefer[3] ; 7. 07-Keelan Matthews[8] ; 8. 52-Cameron La Rose[9] ; 9. 1AZ-Paul Martin[11] ; 10. 7k-Dennis Carrier[10] ; 11. 28-Mark Morin[12] ; 12. 41-Colton Hardy[6]
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-10 Kelly, Laps 11-20 Keefer
HARD CHARGER: Mason Keefer (4th to 1st)

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