Photo credit: Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images; Screencaps via CoachDanProuty, Grk_Mike and TheBravesWay

Fans of NASCAR Cup Series driver Daniel Suárez are particularly angry at Subway after they dropped Suárez’s sponsorship for handing out donuts from NASCAR broadcaster NBC’s corporate partner Dunkin Donuts. Anyone who’s ever had a bad Subway sandwich can appreciate the glorious grief NASCAR fans have been giving the poor soul in charge of Subway’s Twitter mentions. 

Die-hard NASCAR fans are that special kind of loyal who will drink an entirely different kind of beer just because it’s the new beer on their driver’s car. So, you can imagine the fallout that comes from ending such a sponsorship early. 

Mind you, Subway doesn’t even sell donuts—they’d rather serve up sandwiches with oddly shiny cheese that more closely resembles a petrochemical product instead of real, actual cheese. But why am I expending my effort elaborating upon their mighty sins against sandwiches when the Internet already came up with such good burns? 

A rather unassuming sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich (that will probably disintegrate into a lukewarm syrupy mess no less than two minutes after you unwrap it) was the target of most of the donut chat, although random @s came in elsewhere, too. Time to make the donuts!

At least a couple fans in the Great Joe Gibbs Racing Donut @-Mentions Of 2017 thought Subway was insinuating that NASCAR fans don’t have all their teeth. 

(Don’t look in my mouth, dude. They’re all there, but I like sugary treats and it shows. Like, oh, donuts.)

But this, friends, is The King of all burns: 

I will say this much about the #brands: if Dunkin Donuts doesn’t immediately swoop in to sponsor Suárez’s No. 19 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota, that will be the missed opportunity of the century. I mean, when fans are already MS Paint-ing you onto the car over another brand’s total snafu, you pretty much have to.