A bronze statue of Dick Trickle will wave to visitors in front of two curved walls featuring inscriptions, photographs and a dedication at the community park in Rudolph.

Donn Lee Steuck, one of the directors of the Dick Trickle Memorial Project said after four years of work by project directors and volunteers, the finish line is in sight for the memorial to the central Wisconsin native who became a NASCAR racing legend.

“It would be great if we could have it done by the end of construction season next year,” Steuck said.

The memorial groundbreaking groundbreaking took place in May 2014 for the memorial site in the Rudolph Community Park in Rudolph. Site preparation began in 2015 and excavation and construction started in 2016, including concrete footings, pillars and the statue base installments. An engineering company originally estimated the cost of the walls and surrounding landscaping would be $300,000, plus the $60,000 statue. Steuck said the group has lowered that cost significantly by doing as much of the work themselves.

This year, Steuck said plans include setting up the aluminum framework for black granite donor tiles and steel posts for the columns. After those items are set up, volunteers will install decorative stones. Trees have already been planted, and workers will restore and add more seeding to the site. All of the construction work has been completed by directors and volunteers. Michael Martino, a sculptor in La Crosse is working on the life-sized bronze statue of Dick Trickle that will be added to the memorial.