BY:  Tony Steele

The State 48 Shamrock Classic is in the books at CSP and it seems as though the lucky number may have been two for the evening. John Cornell set his SWDRA Late Model on cruise control for what would be a thirty lap feature and walked away to his second win of the year at Canyon Speedway Park. During Leading Edge IMCA Modified competition earlier in the night, Jason Noll would also pick up his second win of the year at CSP. Joe Peterson grabbed his second points win of the year, once again recovering from a flat tire while Cody Center and Billy Ayres would both pick up their second feature events in points competition for the Allscapes Stock Cars and Sport Compacts.

John Cornell is continuing his dominance in the SWDRA Late Model ranks, following up his championship season in 2017 with his second win at CSP. It would be Cornell’s third win in three starts for the year to remain undefeated as the current points leader. Cornell started on the outside of the front row and would move to the lead early after a brief battle with John Brinkley. Brinkley would stick with the high side of the racetrack and go for a solo spin as he lost footing in turn three. The battle would rage behind Cornell, with Craig Parker and Brad Williams swapping the second place spot numerous times in the closing stages of the race. Williams would eventually win out in front of Parker, while Bruce Duckett and Steve Stultz would round out the top five. Heat race action earlier in the night would be topped by Brinkley and Stultz. A four lap trophy dash, sponsored by Bobbi Engle and Jankey Motorsports was also held earlier in the event with James Laing bringing home the win.

Leading Edge IMCA Modified competition was once again one of the best shows of the night as Ryan Roath broke out to the early lead. Roath would lead for the first half of the race and looked to be the car to beat as he opened a straightaway lead during a long green flag stretch. A caution would gather the field back up allowing Jason Noll to take a shot at grabbing the second spot. Noll would begin to close the gap on Roath and worked the inside lane for four to five laps before a caution would once again bunch the field. Noll wasted no time on the restart and made the race winning pass to the inside when the green flag flew. Chaz Baca Jr had a strong run going until a mis-step allowed Joey Moriarity to get by to the inside, putting both MRT Racecar teammates on the podium. Noll would grab the win ahead of Roath, Moriarity, Baca and John Parmeley. Heat race winners were Stultz, Roath and KC Dieckman.

For the first time in almost a full year the race fans at CSP were finally treated to a full battle of Cody Center and George Fronsman. It seems between the two it’s been one of them having some type of mechanical problem over the last six or so races. At last, both cars held up to full strength and the fight raged on. Fronsman broke out to an early lead over the field while Cody Center began to make his charge. Much of the race was led by Fronsman on the low side while Center continued to chip away on the cushion. Center would finally get the run he needed to get by Fronsman and he would not look back. Fronsman never wavered from the low side and remained in the second spot with Dennis Losing, Utah driver Gene Henrie and Vance Honea rounding out the top five. Fronsman and Center were the heat race winners earlier in competition.

Joe Peterson, for the third time this season, would recover from an early trip to the hot pits en route to victory lane in the Desert Restorations Hobby Stocks. After going three wide early in the main event with Chuck Thornton and Popeye Madrid, Peterson would slow up with a flat tire and his crew would once again go to work quickly to get the car back on track. Peterson would charge back through traffic to claim his second feature of the points season, winning by almost half a lap once the field settled in for a long green flag run to finish the race. Madrid would finish the race in second ahead of Thornton, Allen Hakes and Max Zachrison. Bradley Stafford was the lone heat race winner.

Billy Ayres would capture his second win of the year in the brand new Sport Compact division as he outdueled Jackie Parmeley in heat race and feature event action. For the fans hoping to get into a cheap, affordable way of going racing on the weekends at CSP, we highly encourage you to look into the IMCA Sport Compact division. Rules can be found at

Next up at Canyon Speedway Park on Saturday March 31st will be the Easter Eggstravaganza, featuring the Sands Chevrolet USAC Southwest Sprint Cars. Also joining the card will be the Leading Edge IMCA Modifieds, Arizona Differential IMCA Sport Mods and Micro Sprints. Gates open at 5pm with Racing at 7pm. Kids 11 and Under should be prepared with their baskets for the annual Easter Egg Hunt at intermission! For more information give us a call at (602) 258-RACE (7223) or visit us at us on Facebook and all of our social media accounts to stay updated with the latest from CSP! (Twitter – @racecsp ; Instagram – @canyonspeedwaypark).

IMCA Sport Compacts

Heat 1 – (6 Laps) 1. 94-Billy Ayres Jr[2] ; 2. 72-Jackie Parmeley[1]

A-Main – (15 Laps) 1. 94-Billy Ayres Jr[2] ; 2. 72-Jackie Parmeley[1]

Leading Edge IMCA Modifieds

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 78-Steve Stultz[2] ; 2. 40SR-Jeff Stafford SR[1] ; 3. 44N-Jason Noll[4] ; 4. 14J-Jay Foster[6] ; 5. 40JR-Bubba Stafford Jr[3] ; DNS: . 61-Chad Stevens[5]

Heat 2 (8 Laps) 1. 292-Ryan Roath[2] ; 2. 51-Joey Moriaty[4] ; 3. 71S-Brent Schlafmann[5] ; 4. 92P-John Parmeley[3] ; 5. 19-Kenny Gill[1] ; 6. 53-Justin Thornton[6]

Heat 3 (8 Laps) 1. 21-KC Dieckman[1] ; 2. 12-Guy Norton[2] ; 3. 75JR-Chaz Baca Jr[3] ; 4. 66X-Eddie Jackson[5] ; 5. 5N4-Cody Norton[6] ; 6. 3-Kenny Wyman[4]

A-Main (25 Laps) 1. 44N-Jason Noll[8] ; 2. 292-Ryan Roath[4] ; 3. 51-Joey Moriaty[9] ; 4. 75JR-Chaz Baca Jr[7] ; 5. 92P-John Parmeley[6] ; 6. 12-Guy Norton[5] ; 7. 40SR-Jeff Stafford SR[1] ; 8. 53-Justin Thornton[17] ; 9. 5N4-Cody Norton[15] ; 10. 71S-Brent Schlafmann[10] ; 11. 19-Kenny Gill[14] ; 12. 3-Kenny Wyman[16] ; 13. 66X-Eddie Jackson[12] ; 14. 78-Steve Stultz[3] ; 15. 40JR-Bubba Stafford Jr[13] ; 16. 21-KC Dieckman[2] ; 17. 14J-Jay Foster[11] DNS 61 Chad Stevens.

Desert Restorations IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 40B-Bradley Stafford[1] ; 2. 85-Joe Peterson[6] ; 3. XX-Chucky Thornton[3] ; 4. 51-Kyle Cardinal[2] ; 5. 23-Popeye Madrid[7] ; 6. 55Z-Max Zachrison[5] ; 7. 13-Allen Hakes[4]

A-Main (20 Laps) 1. 85-Joe Peterson[4] ; 2. 23-Popeye Madrid[5] ; 3. XX-Chucky Thornton[3] ; 4. 13-Allen Hakes[7] ; 5. 55Z-Max Zachrison[6] ; 6. 51-Kyle Cardinal[2] ; 7. 40B-Bradley Stafford[1]

SWDRA Late Models

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 26-John Brinkley[1] ; 2. 48-Craig Parker[2] ; 3. 28-John Cornell[3] ; 4. 11-Brett Hegeman[7] ; 5. 22B-Bruce Duckett[6] ; 6. 89L-James Laing[4] ; 7. 107-Kelly Johnson[5]

Heat 2 (8 Laps) 1. 78-Steve Stultz[1] ; 2. 23-Brad Williams[5] ; 3. 29-Jerry Fincher[2] ; 4. 99-Doug Paxson[3] ; 5. 33-Donald Curtis[6] ; 6. 9-Mike Masters[4]

A-Main (30 Laps) 1. 28-John Cornell[2] ; 2. 23-Brad Williams[4] ; 3. 48-Craig Parker[3] ; 4. 22B-Bruce Duckett[7] ; 5. 78-Steve Stultz[6] ; 6. 89L-James Laing[9] ; 7. 26-John Brinkley[1] ; 8. 33-Donald Curtis[10] ; 9. 29-Jerry Fincher[5] ; 10. 9-Mike Masters[12] ; 11. 99-Doug Paxson[8] ; 12. 11-Brett Hegeman[13] ; 13. 107-Kelly Johnson[11]

Allscapes IMCA Stock Cars

Heat 1 – (8 Laps) 1. 41-George Fronsman[4] ; 2. 41X-Georgie Fronsman[3] ; 3. 17L-Nick Langer[2] ; 4. 28X-Donnie Yates[1] ; 5. 33Y-David Jones[5]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps) 1. $-Cody Center[3] ; 2. 7-Mike Shea[5] ; 3. 106-George Wagner[6] ; 4. 15-Dennis Losing[1] ; 5. 7H-Vance Honea[2] ; 6. 2H-Gene Henrie[4]

A-Main (20 Laps) 1. $-Cody Center[4] ; 2. 41-George Fronsman[5] ; 3. 15-Dennis Losing[7] ; 4. 2H-Gene Henrie[11] ; 5. 7H-Vance Honea[10] ; 6. 41X-Georgie Fronsman[3] ; 7. 7-Mike Shea[6] ; 8. 106-George Wagner[8] ; 9. 28X-Donnie Yates[1] ; 10. 33Y-David Jones[9] ; 11. 420-Vaughn Packer[12] ; 12. 17L-Nick Langer[2]