SWDRA Late Model Series point leader John Cornell avoided a first lap crash at the front and then proceeded to walk away from the field en route to his 2nd feature win of the season at Canyon Speedway Park. Jason Noll would capture his 2nd Arizona Differential Modified win of the year at CSP along with George Fronsman who picked up his 6th win in the Allscapes Stock Cars. Joe Vlasity now holds the most wins of the year in the Desert Restorations Hobby Stocks with his 3rd win in 2019 while Jackson Wellman finally picked up his first victory of the year in the Arizona Micro Sprints. Robert Cody closed out the evening with his division leading 4th feature win.

Craig Parker and Bruce Duckett kicked off the evening in the Late Models with heat race wins, with Parker earning his victory at the misfortune of Bud Grossenbacher who broke an axle while leading the first heat. Brad Williams would earn the pole position to fire off the 25 lap feature event, but a slip up on the opening lap would see Williams spinning and collecting Jerry Fincher, Paul Rios and Brett Hegeman. The feature would restart with Cornell leading the field back to green, utilizing a perfect restart to get out ahead of Steve Stultz and Craig Parker. Cornell would walk away from the field to earn his overall third feature win of the year while the remainder of the top four battled behind him. Craig Parker would beat out Steve Stultz for the runner up position with hard charger James Laing and Kelly Johnson rounding out the top five.

Two former Arizona Differential Modified champions in Jason Noll and Guy Norton would grab heat race wins to start off the evening. Rookie TJ Wyman would roll off on the front row of the feature next to Norton, with Norton leading the way through the first two laps. Wyman would take over on lap three while Norton’s evening would end early with mechanical issues on his new GRT car. Meanwhile, Jason Noll was clicking his way through traffic quickly, taking over the lead from Wyman as lap 4 completed. Point leader John Parmeley worked his way through the field at the same time, moving into the runner up spot from the 15thstarting position. Noll would hold off Parmeley through a caution filled feature with Kenny Gill, Ryan Roath and Popeye Madrid rounding out the top five.

The Allscapes Stock Car points battle continues to heat up at the front after another 1-2 effort by George Fronsman and Cody Center. The young Georgie Fronsman earned his division leading 5th heat race win on the season and with the draw/re-draw format for the evening would pull the 2 pill to line up alongside his father George on the front row for the feature. The elder Fronsman would jump out to the immediate lead, leading all 15 laps to pick up his 6th win on the year ahead of Cody Center, David Gill, Georgie Fronsman and JC Parmeley. Center still holds a narrow 2 point lead with 3 events remaining on the season.

Daniel Romero, Joe Peterson and Joe Vlasity would capture heat race wins during a full slate of action in the Desert Restorations Hobby Stocks. The story once again came down to the two Joe’s battling it out for the win in the feature as Joe Vlasity and Joe Peterson led the field throughout the race. In the end, Vlasity would earn his division leading 3rd win on the year ahead of the new point leader Peterson. Daniel Romero would finish third ahead of Kyle Cardinal and Bradley Stafford. The tough night for Stafford would drop him out of the points lead, as the fight at the top has Peterson two points ahead of Stafford with Joe Vlasity biting at their heels another 5 points behind Stafford.

A rare smaller field of Micro Sprints joined the lineup at CSP on Back to School night with former champion Paul Martin and Drake Edwards earning heat race victories. Point leader Brandon Sutton, still looking for his first feature win of the year would start the race off from the pole position alongside Drake Edwards. Edwards would jump out to the early lead, pacing the field for the first 6 circuits around the speedway. While Edwards led the way, Jackson Wellman would fight through traffic from his 9th starting spot before making his way around Edwards to grab ahold of the top spot on lap 7. Wellman would wind up with his first feature win of the season ahead of Edwards, Sutton, Martin and Kaden Williams.

7 Sport Compacts made their way to CSP to finish out the summer scorcher, with out of towner Gene Williams picking up the heat race win early in the night. In feature action, Williams would start off from the pole and lead the way for the first half of the race. Point leader Robert Cody would start last on the field, working his way through the pack to challenge Williams at the halfway point. On lap 8, Cody would make the race winning move before walking away to his 4th feature win of the season ahead of Jackie Parmeley and Wayne O’Dell.

Next up at CSP on Labor Day Weekend will be the Stock Car Shootout and Dan Shepherd Memorial featuring the Allscapes Stock Cars, Arizona Differential Modifieds, Desert Restorations Hobby Stocks, Sport Compacts, Dwarf Cars and Modlites. Gates will open at 5pm and Racing is set to start at 7:30pm on both August 31st and September 1st.

Saturday Purse: Modifieds ($750 to Win/$100 to Start), Stock Cars ($500 to Win/$75 to Start), Hobby Stocks ($250 to Win/$50 to Start), Sport Compacts ($150 to Win/$50 to Start)

Sunday Purse: Modifieds ($1000 to Win/$100 to Start), Stock Cars ($1000 to Win/$75 to Start – 77 Lap Feature), Hobby Stocks ($500 to Win/$50 to Start), Sport Compacts ($250 to Win/$50 to Start)

Admission prices are just $20 for Adults! Seniors (60+) & Military are $15 and Children 11 & Under are Free! All Access Pit Passes can be purchased for $35 for adults, while Ages 7-11 are $20 and 6 years & under are free. All minors under the age of 18 must have a 2019 Minor Release Form filled out and notarized prior to entry into the pits.

For more information give us a call at (602) 258-RACE (7223) or visit us at Find us on Facebook and all of our social media accounts to stay updated with the latest from CSP! (Twitter – @racecsp ; Instagram – @canyonspeedwaypark). Join our Mailing List to stay up to date with all the latest news and special offers from CSP.

Saturday 7-20-19 Results

SWDRA Late Models

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 48-Craig Parker[4] ; 2. 23-Brad Williams[3] ; 3. 78-Steve Stultz[5] ; 4. 107-Kelly Johnson[2] ; 5. 11-Brett Hegeman[6] ; 6. 81B-Bud Grossenbacher[1]

Heat 2 (8 Laps) 1. 22B-Bruce Duckett[2] ; 2. 28-John Cornell[5] ; 3. 29-Jerry Fincher[1] ; 4. 99-Doug Paxson[3] ; 5. 89L-James Laing[4] ; 6. 19-Paul Rios[6]

A-Main (25 Laps) 1. 28-John Cornell[3] ; 2. 48-Craig Parker[2] ; 3. 78-Steve Stultz[5] ; 4. 89L-James Laing[10] ; 5. 107-Kelly Johnson[7] ; 6. 22B-Bruce Duckett[4] ; 7. 99-Doug Paxson[8] ; 8. 11-Brett Hegeman[9] ; 9. 19-Paul Rios[11] ; 10. 23-Brad Williams[1] ; 11. 29-Jerry Fincher[6] ; DNS. 81B-Bud Grossenbacher[12]
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-25 Cornell
HARD CHARGER: James Laing (10th to 4th)

Arizona Differential IMCA Modifieds

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 44N-Jason Noll[6] ; 2. 40JR-Jeff “Bubba” Stafford Jr[4] ; 3. 292T-Tony Martin[5] ; 4. 44M-Jeff Sheppard Jr[8] ; 5. D6-Dale Irby[7] ; 6. 15s-Bill Slocum[1] ; 7. 19-Kenny Gill[3] ; 8. 23M-Popeye Madrid[2]

Heat 2 (8 Laps) 1. 6D-Guy Norton[3] ; 2. 292-Ryan Roath[4] ; 3. 8-Nate Warren[2] ; 4. 00AZ-TJ Wyman[5] ; 5. 92P-John Parmeley[6] ; 6. 25-Paul Nelson[1] ; 7. 39-James McElderry[7]

A-Main (25 Laps) 1. 44N-Jason Noll[7] ; 2. 92P-John Parmeley[15] ; 3. 19-Kenny Gill[12] ; 4. 292-Ryan Roath[5] ; 5. 23M-Popeye Madrid[14] ; 6. 25-Paul Nelson[11] ; 7. 00AZ-TJ Wyman[1] ; 8. D6-Dale Irby[4] ; 9. 8-Nate Warren[8] ; 10. 292T-Tony Martin[9] ; 11. 40JR-Jeff “Bubba” Stafford Jr[6] ; 12. 15s-Bill Slocum[10] ; 13. 44M-Jeff Sheppard Jr[3] ; 14. 39-James McElderry[13] ; 15. 6D-Guy Norton[2]

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-2 Norton, Lap 3 Wyman, Laps 4-18 Noll
HARD CHARGER: John Parmeley (15th to 2nd)

Allscapes IMCA Stock Cars

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 41JR-Georgie Fronsman[2] ; 2. 41-George Fronsman[3] ; 3. 73-DJ Werkmeister[4] ; 4. $-Cody Center[6] ; 5. 119-David Gill[5] ; 6. 82P-J.C. Parmeley[1]

A-Main (20 Laps) 1. 41-George Fronsman[1] ; 2. $-Cody Center[3] ; 3. 119-David Gill[4] ; 4. 41JR-Georgie Fronsman[2] ; 5. 82P-J.C. Parmeley[6] ; 6. 73-DJ Werkmeister[5]

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-15 Fronsman
HARD CHARGER: Cody Center (3rd to 2nd)

Desert Restorations IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 64R-Daniel Romero[1] ; 2. 40B-Bradley Stafford[3] ; 3. 19-Nathan DeRagon[5] ; 4. 5c-Chandler Dodge[4] ; 5. 16B-Richard Bennett[2] ; 6. 70D-Ray Doyle[6]

Heat 2 (8 Laps) 1. 85-Joe Peterson[2] ; 2. 40SR-Jeff Stafford Sr[1] ; 3. 13-Jason Crowe[3] ; 4. 51-Kyle Cardinal[5] ; 5. 55Z-Max Zachrison[4] ; 6. 45-Charles McDaniel[6]

Heat 3 (8 Laps) 1. 68V-Joe Vlasity[4] ; 2. 25-Jason Duggins[2] ; 3. 14-John Patterson[1] ; 4. XX-Chucky Thornton[3] ; 5. 8t-Justin Thornton[6] ; 6. 51W-Bill Cole[5]

A-Main (20 Laps) 1. 68V-Joe Vlasity[3] ; 2. 85-Joe Peterson[2] ; 3. 64R-Daniel Romero[1] ; 4. 51-Kyle Cardinal[7] ; 5. 40B-Bradley Stafford[4] ; 6. 55Z-Max Zachrison[14] ; 7. 5c-Chandler Dodge[9] ; 8. 25-Jason Duggins[10] ; 9. 13-Jason Crowe[8] ; 10. 19-Nathan DeRagon[12] ; 11. 70D-Ray Doyle[16] ; 12. 14-John Patterson[11] ; 13. 40SR-Jeff Stafford Sr[6] ; 14. XX-Chucky Thornton[5] ; 15. 16B-Richard Bennett[13] ; 16. 45-Charles McDaniel[17] ; 17. 8t-Justin Thornton[15] ; 18. 51W-Bill Cole[18]
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-20 Vlasity
HARD CHARGER: Max Zachrison (14th to 6th)

IMCA Sport Compacts

Heat 1 (6 Laps) 1. F1-Gene Williams[1] ; 2. 2020-Billy Ayres Jr[4] ; 3. 72-Jackie Parmeley[6] ; 4. 28K-Wayne O’Dell[3] ; 5. 94-Christine Ayres[5] ; 6. 26-John Barron[7] ; 7. 34-Robert Cody[2]

A-Main (20 Laps) 1. 34-Robert Cody[7] ; 2. 72-Jackie Parmeley[2] ; 3. 28K-Wayne O’Dell[3] ; 4. 26-John Barron[6] ; 5. F1-Gene Williams[1] ; 6. 94-Christine Ayres[5] ; 7. 2020-Billy Ayres Jr[4]
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-7 Williams, Laps 8-15 Cody
HARD CHARGER: Robert Cody (7th to 1st)

Arizona Micro Sprints

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 1AZ-Paul Martin[2] ; 2. 21S-Brandon Sutton[4] ; 3. 34w-Kaden Williams[3] ; 4. 72-AJ Hernandez[5] ; 5. 19w-Jackson Wellman[1] ; 6. 7J-Jacob Kirchoff[6]

Heat 2 (8 Laps) 1. 3-Drake Edwards[4] ; 2. 7-Mason Keefer[5] ; 3. 12-Chloe High[2] ; 4. 27-Aranda Dutra[1] ; 5. 07-Keelan Matthews[3]

A-Main (15 Laps) 1. 19w-Jackson Wellman[9] ; 2. 3-Drake Edwards[2] ; 3. 21S-Brandon Sutton[1] ; 4. 1AZ-Paul Martin[4] ; 5. 34w-Kaden Williams[5] ; 6. 07-Keelan Matthews[10] ; 7. 7J-Jacob Kirchoff[11] ; 8. 7-Mason Keefer[3] ; 9. 72-AJ Hernandez[7] ; 10. 27-Aranda Dutra[8] ; 11. 12-Chloe High[6]
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-6 Edwards, Laps 7-20 Wellman
HARD CHARGER: Jackson Wellman (9th to 1st)


Feature Winners – Photo Credit: Ben Thrasher – Not Pictured: Robert Cody

Late Models – John Cornell

Modifieds – Jason Noll

Stock Cars – George Fronsman

Hobby Stocks – Joe Vlasity

Micro Sprints – Jackson Wellman