06/04 2015

How many trucks does it take to put on a Taylor Swift show?…(apparently, a Indy Car Field worth of big rigs)

Photo: Taylor Swift 1989 tour

This is Swift’s fourth concert tour, in support of her fifth album, “1989.”PHOTO BY AUTOWEEK



Here at Autoweek, we have a clear view of Ford Field, the home of the Detroit Lions. On Saturday, the venue will be hosting a different star… Taylor Swift.

Early this week, trucks started to pile in with pictures of the “Bad Blood” singer’s “1989” album cover plastered all over them. The count was up to 22 at the beginning of today, but now it is close to 30. We are guessing that number will grow as the concert quickly approaches, maybe even to 50.

Photo: Taylor Swift trucks

Here is our view of some of the tour trucks.PHOTO BY AUTOWEEK

Our main question for TSwift is, Why does one need so many trucks? We can’t seem to figure out what could possibly be so important that you would need an endless fleet of semis. Here is a list of items that we think the singer might potentially need for her show:


Sound equipment




Shoes and more shoes

Photo: Taylor Swift trucks lining up before show

Swift trucks lining up before her big show.PHOTO BY AUTOWEEK

With the former country singer touring all over the world, she must have several fleets of trucks, because it would be very hard to get to a destination on time when she has back-to-back shows. We are even wondering if there are more trucks in Detroit for the pop star than there are for the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix.

Whatever the case may be, she must put on one hell of a concert to need all this equipment. We hope everything goes smoothly for Taylor, and that all the Swifties out there have a great time this Saturday.