06/15 2018


From a 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe to a 2010 Nissan Cube


I have been photographing vehicles in wrecking yards since the 1980s, and I have been writing about my more interesting junkyard discoveries for well over a decade. Here at Autoweek, we’ve got hundreds of Junkyard Treasures, and then there are all the other sites that published my doomed-car-obsessed journalism.

I just finished cataloging all of my junkyard-vehicle posts— 1,438 of them, in seven states and three countries— and organizing gallery pages that will take you to any one of them in two clicks. The whole mess is sorted by make and then by year, so you can find all the Mazda RX-2s or Cadillac Allantés right away, and it all starts with this page on my website.

You’ll find Nashes in the AMC section, Infinitis within Nissan, and so on.PHOTO BY MURILEE MARTIN

Plenty of judgment calls had to be made when it came to badge-engineered vehicles; for example, links to the junked Cadillac Cateras may be found in both the Opel and Cadillac pages, while the Nash Metropolitans ended up with both AMC and Austin. Mitsubishi and Renault products badged by Chrysler divisions proved especially challenging, and should the Dodge Omnis and Plymouth Horizons be considered Simcas? If you’ve got some time to jump down the rabbit hole of Junkyardology, here you go!