Manzanita Speedway, The Final Chapter by Windy McDonald

Manzanita Speedway, The Final Chapter the third of three Windy McDonald books chronicling the history of Manzanita is now at the printers. The book is scheduled to be available at the end of July and is available to pre-order now. The first 250 books are a limited edition and are numbered. The regular book sells for $65 and the limited edition is $70. To order send check to Windy McDonald, P.O. Box 84612, Phoenix, AZ 85071. To save shipping ($7 shipping charge) Windy will have the books and sign them at the Parker Store the first Saturday they are available (estimated to be July 23rd).

The book has hundreds of pictures and has the final history of Manzanita. It also has the Arizona Motorsports Hall of Fame which has the highlights of each inductee and pictures of them except for a few that a picture was not available along with a short biography of the Life and Times of Windy McDonald.