08/09 2018

Patricia Fernandez Wants to Break Her Own Motorcycle Records BY:  ALANIS KING




The Ulster Grand Prix Irish road race is coming up in a few days, and rider Patricia Fernandez is heading there hoping to break her own records for fastest woman on the circuit.

The race is on a 7.4-mile street course called Dundrod Circuit in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, and the Belfast Telegraph reports that she set a record of nearly 119.7 mph there on a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Superstock bike.

From the Belfast Telegraph:

“I had an amazing time at Dundrod last year and was happy to set that record,” the Tulsa native said, “but like any typical racer, I wanted more. I knew I could get faster and hopefully this year, that will become reality.”

Patricia is a regular Superstock 600cc rider Moto America competitor and will compete in Supersport, Superstock and Superbike races at the Ulster Grand Prix.

“I had only raced it on the circuits, but on the roads, I’d just not allowed for factors like the road surface and the bumps – it was hard work. This year, I’m better prepared physically, training 3-5 times a week with a personal trainer and I can honestly say I’m ready for this. […]”

Fernandez told the paper she wants to break 120 mph at the race, “no excuses,” and that she’d “go back to Oklahoma with a huge smile” if she could hit 122.