Jamie Reynolds


Jamie has been host of Racing Roundup Arizona since 1997 when he and Betsy annexed the original show from Milwaukee, WI. Jamie  grew up with racing, following numerous classes while growing up in Wisconsin.  Jamie offers an avid fans perspective and stays out of the mechanical minutiae.

    Andy Wheat


    Andy joined the crew of Racing Roundup Arizona in 2009 after a career on the local Arizona dirt tracks. Andy brings his passion for racing, knowledge of Arizona tracks and love of all things racing weekly to RRAZ.

        Betsy Reynolds

        Executive Producer

        Betsy, the “Alpha Kitty” of RR-AZ since its inception in Arizona in 1997, keeps the boys in line while allowing the show to stay entertaining. She also does all the day-to-day business operations for the show. If your interested in being a guest on the show or have news to pass along please visit the contact page.

          Brian Jewett


          Brian brings his 13 plus years of audio/video/web experience to Racing Roundup Arizona. Since 2001 Brian has offered up his creativity and technical expertise, and continues to help the show grow.

              Lisa Wheat

              Assistant Producer

              Lisa “Devil Woman” Wheat works diligently as Alpha Kitty’s right hand woman.