This Mercedes-Benz hearse is fit for the ultimate final ride IF YOU LIVED A LIFE OF LUXURY, YOU MIGHT AS WELL RIDE IN LUXURY TO YOUR GRAVE BY:  WESLEY WREN

This Mercedes-Benz hearse is a way to have your last ride in luxe


Eventually, even the wealthiest of us, will all shuffle off this mortal coil. It’s the one thing that, sadly, brings us all together, and that sort of inelastic demand is part of the reason why luxury automakers like Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln andCadillac have all invested in shipping people to their final resting spots.

Keen-eyed reader Max Trenck was walking around Paris with his wife and spotted the latest Merc hearse in the middle of a photo shoot. While it’s no AMG (at least for now) this new hearse looks like an improvement over the older tall-top variants — and there are some really goofy-looking ones out there. Instead of raising the entire roof, it appears the hearse designers simply added a strange-looking-but-cool bulbous high-top-van-esque addition to cover the casket.

Merc Hearse fleet image 1


We’re not looking forward to seeing the inside, but if/when the time comes –- we wouldn’t be mad about heading away in one. Provided we kick the bucket somewhere on the Continent, at least, as they seem to be built for the Euro market only.