Although weather would wipe out the finale of the 2019 edition of the Winter Challenge at Canyon Speedway Park, one great day of racing was able to find its way into the record books. Ricky Thornton Jr continues to etch history at the Peoria 3/8 mile dirt track as he recorded his 250th Career Feature victory. Years ago, Thornton notched his first ever win at the very same track. Chase Rudolf, Cody Center, Adam Goff and Phil Barrow would also find themselves in victory lane at the end of the day in other action.

Brookfield, Missouri wheelman Hunter Marriott has been Thornton’s only kryptonite at CSP in recent years and it looked as though we could see the story play out once again early in the feature. Marriott took advantage of his front row starting spot to lead the first eight circuits around the speedway. Meanwhile Thornton had to work his way from the fourth row around DJ Shannon to claim the runner up position just a few laps into the race. After numerous slide job attempts, Thornton would finally wrestle the lead away from Marriott on lap nine before setting sail to his third win in a row with Marriott and Shannon filling out the top three. Thornton and Shannon were heat race winners.

Chase Rudolf found himself in victory lane after leaving Norwalk, Iowa a week early to get some racing in before setting his sights on the Arizona Mod Tour. Early in the feature it would be pole sitter Mark Harrison leading the first few laps in the Flexi Flyer/Askrens Trucking Sport Mod feature. Bryan Miller would tuck in behind Harrison before Rudolf charged from his fourth starting spot to grab the lead on lap four. Rudolf would walk away from the field and not relinquish his lead, leaving Harrison and Miller to battle. Miller would win out as he was able to snag the second position away from Harrison. Rudolf’s victory would cap the sweep for the day as he also won heat race action earlier in the day.

The Allscapes Stock Cars saw numerous lead changes as the battle up front was hot and heavy throughout the entire feature. Truman, Minnesota driver Andy Altenburg is no stranger to victory lane at Canyon where he kicked things off from the pole position. Altenburg would swap the lead with defending track champion George Fronsman in the early portions of the race while Cody Center lurked in the third position. While the leaders battled on the bottom, Center worked his way up to the high side where he would find the traction to snag away the lead on lap 16. Center would hold on for victory ahead of Altenburg and Larry Brigner. Altenburg took the win in the only heat race of the day.

Adam Goff returned to his winning ways as the Minot, North Dakota driver would lead all twenty laps en route to his second feature win during the Winter Challenge. Goff would rocket to the lead from his fourth starting spot immediately while heat race winner Nathan DeRagon and Joe Vlasity battled for the second spot. DeRagon would bring out the caution on lap eight for a solo spin while Joe Peterson worked his way into third from the back row. Peterson would find himself in contention after the restart but try as he might, could not work his way around Goff. Peterson would finish in second with Bradley Stafford rounding out the top three.

The STARS Modlites may have been the show of the day with five separate race leaders throughout the feature event. Sean Conyers would kick things off out front before Zach Forster grabbed the lead for a quick circuit on lap five. Meanwhile, Chaz Baca Jr would charge his way through the field from his 17th starting spot to take the lead as lap six completed. Under a yellow flag Baca would relinquish his position as he headed pitside, leaving Forster to pace the field for another six laps. Forster’s travel mate Phil Barrow would eventually make the final pass for the lead on lap thirteen before driving away to the checkered flag. Barrow would take the win ahead of Forster and the hard charger of the event Joey Klemish (20th to 3rd). Heat race winners were Barrow, Roy Maynard Jr and Forster.

Next up at CSP will be the 3rd Annual Steve Stroud Memorial featuring the ASCS San Tan Ford Sprint Cars, Allscapes Stock Cars, Desert Restorations Hobby Stocks, Micro Sprints and Sport Compacts. Micro Sprints and Sport Compacts will be kicking off their points seasons for the 2019 year. Gates will open at 11am and Racing is set to start at 1pm.

Admission prices are just $20 for Adults. Seniors (60+) & Military are $15 and Children 11 & Under are Free! All Access Pit Passes can be purchased for $35 for adults, while Ages 7-11 are $20 and 6 years & under are free. All minors under the age of 18 must have a 2019 Minor Release Form filled out and notarized prior to entry into the pits. The form can be found on the front page of our website.

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Saturday 2-2-19 Results

Arizona Differential IMCA Modifieds

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 20RT-Ricky Thornton Jr.[5] ; 2. 62-Hunter Marriott[6] ; 3. 5c-Steve Carter[1] ; 4. 12-Guy Norton[7] ; 5. 47R-Les Mclenehan[4] ; 6. 72-Mike Lineberry[2] ; 7. 40JR-Bubba Stafford Jr[3]

Heat 2 (8 Laps) 1. 32-DJ Shannon[4] ; 2. 2*-Don Gumke[1] ; 3. 8-Nate Warren[2] ; 4. 47-Delos Haugen[5] ; 5. 17-Justin Miller[6] ; 6. 71S-Brent Schlafmann[3] ; 7. 56D-Garth Dushanek[7]

A-Main (25 Laps) 1. 20RT-Ricky Thornton Jr.[8] ; 2. 62-Hunter Marriott[2] ; 3. 32-DJ Shannon[4] ; 4. 2*-Don Gumke[5] ; 5. 5c-Steve Carter[1] ; 6. 47R-Les Mclenehan[9] ; 7. 56D-Garth Dushanek[14] ; 8. 17-Justin Miller[10] ; 9. 12-Guy Norton[7] ; 10. 8-Nate Warren[3] ; 11. 71S-Brent Schlafmann[12] ; 12. 72-Mike Lineberry[11] ; 13. 47-Delos Haugen[6] ; 14. 40JR-Bubba Stafford Jr[13]
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-8 Marriott, Laps 9-25 Thornton Jr.
HARD CHARGER: Ricky Thornton Jr (8th to 1st)

Allscapes IMCA Stock Cars

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 00-Andy Altenburg[2] ; 2. 41-George Fronsman[5] ; 3. $-Cody Center[8] ; 4. 02X-Larry Brigner[1] ; 5. 88-Lonnie Foss[6] ; 6. 8x-J.C. Parmeley[7] ; 7. 2H-Gene Henrie[9] ; 8. 119-David Gill[3] ; 9. 97-John Parmeley[4]

A-Main 1 (20 Laps) 1. $-Cody Center[3] ; 2. 00-Andy Altenburg[1] ; 3. 02X-Larry Brigner[2] ; 4. 41-George Fronsman[4] ; 5. 88-Lonnie Foss[5] ; 6. 97-John Parmeley[9] ; 7. 2H-Gene Henrie[7] ; 8. 119-David Gill[8] ; 9. 8x-J.C. Parmeley[6]
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-4 Altenburg, Lap 5 Fronsman, Laps 6-15 Altenburg, Laps 16-20 Center
HARD CHARGER: John Parmeley (9th to 6th)

Askrens Trucking/Flexi Flyer IMCA Northern Sport Mods

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 8r-Chase Rudolf[2] ; 2. 20-Mark Harrison[1] ; 3. 22-Bryan Miller[3] ; 4. KB22-Joey Klemish[7] ; 5. 41-Bill Lundock[4] ; 6. 21jr-Michael Egurola Jr[5] ; 7. 83C-Michael Phay[9] ; 8. Z28-Ty Weidner[8] ; 9. $-Cody Center[6]

A-Main 1 (20 Laps) 1. 8r-Chase Rudolf[4] ; 2. 22-Bryan Miller[3] ; 3. 20-Mark Harrison[1] ; 4. 21jr-Michael Egurola Jr[6] ; 5. $-Cody Center[9] ; 6. 41-Bill Lundock[5] ; 7. KB22-Joey Klemish[2] ; 8. 83C-Michael Phay[7] ; 9. Z28-Ty Weidner[8]
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-3 Harrison, Laps 4-20 Rudolf
HARD CHARGER: Cody Center (9th to 5th)

Desert Restorations IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat 1 – (8 Laps) 1. 19-Nathan DeRagon[2] ; 2. 30A-Adam Goff[6] ; 3. 9-Paul O’Connor[3] ; 4. 68V-Joe Vlasity[9] ; 5. 21T-Scott Tenney[4] ; 6. 40B-Bradley Stafford[5] ; 7. 85-Joe Peterson[1] ; 8. 51-Kyle Cardinal[7] ; 9. 40SR-Jeff Stafford Sr[8]

A-Main 1 – (20 Laps) 1. 30A-Adam Goff[4] ; 2. 85-Joe Peterson[7] ; 3. 40B-Bradley Stafford[6] ; 4. 21T-Scott Tenney[5] ; 5. 68V-Joe Vlasity[2] ; 6. 9-Paul O’Connor[3] ; 7. 51-Kyle Cardinal[8] ; 8. 19-Nathan DeRagon[1] ; 9. 40SR-Jeff Stafford Sr[9]
HARD CHARGER: Joe Peterson (7th to 2nd)

STARS ModLites

Heat 1 (8 Laps) 1. 29-Phil Barrow[2] ; 2. 97-Steve Bender[5] ; 3. 33-Mike Schmidt[7] ; 4. 98-Jeff Lowe[1] ; 5. 5K-Kenny Clugston[3] ; 6. 701-Ray Doyle[6] ; 7. 22x-Dave Lems[4]

Heat 2 (8 Laps) 1. 78-Roy Maynard Jr[7] ; 2. 2-Tony Martin[3] ; 3. 94-Brandi Myers[4] ; 4. 19-Tim Doyle[5] ; 5. 55-Mike Opoka[1] ; 6. 831-Chaz Baca Jr[2] ; 7. 21R-Joey Klemish[6]

Heat 3 (8 Laps) 1. 11-Zach Forster[3] ; 2. 114-Sean Conyers[2] ; 3. 48-Colby Lewis[1] ; 4. 95-Collin Bender[6] ; 5. 70-Anthony Balcazar[5] ; 6. 4-Erin Holmberg[4]

A-Main 1 (20 Laps) 1. 29-Phil Barrow[10] ; 2. 11-Zach Forster[9] ; 3. 21R-Joey Klemish[20] ; 4. 114-Sean Conyers[1] ; 5. 70-Anthony Balcazar[15] ; 6. 33-Mike Schmidt[6] ; 7. 95-Collin Bender[2] ; 8. 94-Brandi Myers[5] ; 9. 19-Tim Doyle[7] ; 10. 98-Jeff Lowe[12] ; 11. 5K-Kenny Clugston[13] ; 12. 4-Erin Holmberg[18] ; 13. 831-Chaz Baca Jr[17] ; 14. 78-Roy Maynard Jr[4] ; 15. 55-Mike Opoka[14] ; 16. 48-Colby Lewis[3] ; 17. 97-Steve Bender[11] ; 18. 701-Ray Doyle[16] ; 19. 2-Tony Martin[8] ; 20. 22x-Dave Lems[19]
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-4 Conyers, Lap 5 Forster, Lap 6 Baca Jr., Laps 7-12 Forster, Laps 13-20 Barrow
HARD CHARGER: Joey Klemish (20th to 3rd)