08/01 2018

Truck Interrupts Boat Ride to Take a Drink of Ocean Water BY:  Andrew P. Collins

 Photo: U.S. Coast Guard

Earlier this week, a big rig riding a barge to Bald Head off the coast of North Carolina got a little over-eager for the exit and slipped off the front. Apparently nobody was injured, so we can giggle at this silly photo courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Local news Star News Online reported that “Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Elizabeth Buendia said it was not immediately clear what caused the accident,” but some oil made it into the water so some cleanup was executed.

Based on the graphics on that trailer I’m going to go ahead and guess it was bringing groceries to the island.

“It looks like its taking a drink,” says my creative colleague Jason. Indeed. Or maybe it’s just an angsty truck fed up with the other trucks and just had to find some place to sulk.

More likely: someone forgot to set a parking brake, or said brake failed. But life is more fun if you anthropomorphize everything.

Here’s hoping the folks on Bald Head got their groceries eventually.

Hat tip to Darwin!