Wildcat Raceway

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By Paula Shuman


On behalf of Ron and myself we are happy to announce that we will be taking over Wildcat Raceway in March. We are extremely excited to become more active in the racing industry once again. We did this for you…. the owners, drivers, crews, fans and sponsors. Ron will continue to maintain his career in the auto care industry during the week so please direct your phone calls to me at 602-377-7797.

Both Ron and myself are looking forward to working with each racing division personally so we can help them grow and prosper. We are also pleased to announce that we will be bringing aboard some new sponsorship programs to help increase growth and stability within each organization.

It’s a work in progress so please be positive, patient and rest assured that the raceway will be hosting some new and exciting events during 2017 and even more in the years to come. Please know that your ideas and or suggestions are always welcome and appreciated.